6 Health Benefits of Kava + Side Effects: From Kava Social Club

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6 Health Benefits Associated with Taking Kava

Kava originates in the Pacific islands and has been used as a ceremonious drink for hundreds of years. It is gaining popularity outside the Pacific due to its manifold health benefits.

To try out this remarkable beverage, you must first understand its health benefits and side effects. Kava has been known to relax the body and mind while lifting one’s mood. 

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All our coffee shops have kava in all forms, including root extract, capsules of roots, powdered tincture root, and concentrated root paste.

The effects of kava tea, kava root extract, and capsules are often milder than those of tinctures and powders. Due to the product's high concentration, kava paste has the most potent effects.


Benefits of Taking Kava

There are many benefits of enjoying your favorite Kava drink at our Kava tea lounge in Bradenton, which include the following:


Many people report that kava has significantly impacted their anxiety and ongoing stress. So far, the herb's ability to reduce anxiety has been supported by several large-scale clinical investigations involving thousands of volunteers.

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Kava helps in promoting sleep. According to scientific studies, Kava helps insomniacs fall asleep and lengthen their sleep. Popular products for inducing sleep and maintenance include pills, tea, and tinctures. In this regard, our 24/7 kava bar has several teas waiting for you.


Kava provides euphoric effects that can benefit those with depression. A few clinical trials have so far been conducted to support this impact. That being said, not everyone's sadness responds well to kava because the effects may not be felt in the long term.


Menopause comes with symptoms like; hot flashes, night-time sweats, insomnia, anxiety, and irritability. In three clinical trials, kava reduced symptoms of anxiety, sadness, agitation, and insomnia in perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Drug Addiction Withdrawal

In a pilot trial, kava lessened drug-dependent patients' appetites for addictive substances. Kava's effects on reducing cravings are brought on by dopamine-producing cells in the brain's reward system.

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Brain Functioning

Scientific research on Kava found that a single dose of kava extract increased precision and performance in attentiveness, visual processing, and working memory activities. Another study with twelve participants found that kava extract marginally enhanced performance on a word recognition task.

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Side Effects of Taking Kava

Kava is generally considered safe if taken in the recommended dosage of ten to twenty grams. However, some side effects can be realized with higher doses of kava. The most prevalent is nausea.

By not taking Kava on an empty stomach, nausea can be avoided. Other less common side effects of kava include lightheadedness, headaches, indigestion, and dilated pupils.


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