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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Kava Drink!

Yes. But in smaller quantities.

However, Kava instant coffee contains the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee. The decaf version has no coffee, and if there’s a medical concern, always check with your regular physician on whether Kava Cofee is suitable for you.

Kava regular instant coffee contains approx. 40mg of caffeine per teaspoon. 

It is an excellent alternative to alcohol and extreme caffeine consumers. The South Pacific islanders have been drinking kava, which means "bitter," for millennia as a relaxing beverage.

Kava is a sophisticated beverage. High quantities of Kava can reduce social inhibitions as traditional alcohol, but without the risk of unfavorable side effects. Other classes have a strong sedative effect on their users, especially when taken in pill form.

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Does Kava have Caffeine?

Very little. The main active ingredients in kava are a class of substances known as kavalactones, which interact differently with the brain's receptors from caffeine.

Kavalactone works more like a sedative than a stimulant, unlike caffeine. It has been discovered that it lessens convulsions, encourages sleep, and relaxes muscles. Additionally, it contains analgesic qualities that may help explain why chewed kava root temporarily numbs and tingles the tongue.


What is Kava?

Kava is a stimulant and sedative. Its effects are comparable to alcohol without any noticeable mental or cognitive changes. Although it makes you feel carefree and relaxed, it doesn't affect how you perceive things.

When taken in high doses, kava can have a euphoric and positive effect. You feel content, at ease, and chatty. For these reasons, kava is also a fantastic alcohol substitute in social situations. If you are curious about kava, we are the ultimate kava restaurant delivery & takeout near you.

Heavy kava strains produce a significantly more potent ‘high.’ Others are more sedative than stimulating, which could make you nod off if you get too cozy.


What Is Kava Coffee?

Pacific civilizations typically consume kava by making a paste from the plants’ roots. The resulting beverage, kava coffee, combines the kava paste with water, straining it, and then drinking it. Kava can be consumed in various forms, including tea, pill, and kava coffee.

Kava instant coffee, an acidic dark roast coffee, should be distinct from kava coffee. Drinks made from the ground-up roots of the kava plant and water are known as kava coffee. Our kava cafe offers various forms, including coffees, teas, and smoothies.


Where can I Buy Kava Coffee?

At Kava Social Club, of course! We make the best kava beverages in downtown Bradenton. You can also buy the following products from us:

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