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What is Kava? Uses & Benefits | Kava Bar Bradenton

For thousands of years, plants have been used to cure illnesses and maintain good health. Today, around 80 percent of people globally use herbal medicine and supplements. 

However, it can be challenging to determine what is effective and safe to use, especially if you have a specific health condition or take some other medications. Kava is a popular natural treatment from the Pacific Islands to reduce stress and anxiety.

Kava Social Club aims to refresh your health with healthy ingredients. Kava social clubs are popular bars/cafes in big cities and are a relatively new concept for Bradenton, Florida.


Where does Kava Come From?

Kava, commonly referred to as kava, is produced from the root of the Piper Methysticum plant. This plant belongs to the pepper family and is grown on islands in the Pacific Ocean. It has been used for hundreds of years by the area's indigenous people for various purposes, such as reducing pain, relaxation, and during sacred rituals. The name "kava" is derived from the local languages and refers to the drink's bitter taste.


Does Kava have Caffeine?

No, Kava does not have caffeine. There are active ingredients available in Kava which are a group of compounds. Active ingredients are also known as Kavalactones that interact with the brain receptors.


Kava Bar Bradenton for the Body and Brain

Kava contains special ingredients called kavapyrones, which scientists don't fully understand to this date. However, they believe that kavapyrones change how the body's nerves send messages. 

Studies have shown that kavapyrones interact with a nerve receptor called GABA. Alcohol & certain drugs used for pain and anxiety also affect these receptors. Some individuals may experience a feeling of relaxation or relief from pain after consuming kava.


Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Kava Bar Bradenton

Kava is used for fun and ceremonies and is also popular in medicine as the natural way to reduce anxiety. It can also help people with trouble sleeping, often without as many side effects as sleeping pills.

  • Anxiety

  • Research shows that kava may help with anxiety, but some experts disagree on how well it works.

  • Insomnia

  • Most studies on kava for sleep problems have been done on animals. Scientists think that a certain chemical in kava called kevain may be responsible for making people drowsy.

  • Inflammation

  • Kava can reduce inflammation, which might make it helpful for treating illnesses that involve swelling. Some studies suggest that changing kava's ingredients could make it even better at fighting inflammation.

    However, more research is required, and some studies have said that taking kava could cause inflammation.

  • Cancer

  • Research suggests that kava may lower the chance of getting cancer. Studies on mice have found that kava may prevent lung cancer. Additional research also indicates that kava may prevent prostate cancer, urothelial cell cancer, and colon cancer.

    However, these findings are only from studies on animals, and more research is required to understand how it works and if it has the same effects on humans.


    Looking for a Kava Cafe Near Me?

    In Bradenton, Florida, Kava Social Club creates a beverage that's an alternative to alcohol with healthy nutrition. Any time you choose a healthy option, you enrich your body to live longer.

    Do you still have any questions about Bradenton kava bar? Contact us for more details and information.