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Experience the Relaxing Vibe at the Best Kava Bar in Florida

If you've been searching for a kava bar near me or kava shops near me, look no further than the Kava Social Club. Established in May 2020, our kava tea shop, lounge, and kratom bar in Bradenton, Florida, offers the freshest, most delicious, and smoothest kava drinks.

As a healthy alternative to alcohol, our kava tea is jam-packed with flavor and minerals that can help you live a longer and healthier life. 


Discover the Many Benefits of Kava Tea

Kava tea is made from Piper Methysticum, a plant native to the West Pacific Islands. It offers numerous mental and physical benefits, such as alleviating anxiety and depression, improving sleep quality, and reducing pain sensations. Additionally, kava tea can support the immune system, help relieve stress, and relax one's muscles. That's why you should seriously consider visiting our kava bar in Florida.

At the Kava Social Club, we offer a variety of kava drinks that provide healthy nutrients for your body. Our Bradenton kava selection is perfect for those looking to reduce or eliminate alcohol from their lives.

The Effect of Kava on the Body

Although kava is known to have similar intoxicating properties to alcohol, each individual experiences its effects differently. The amount of kava you consume affects the strength of the product in your body. To experience the effects of our kava drinks at our kava bar in Bradenton, you generally need to consume more than you typically would with alcohol. This is because kava takes longer to enter the bloodstream.

How Long Does Kava Stay in Your System?

Kava stays in your bloodstream for three to four hours. However, it can persist for up to twenty-four hours if you have a liver impairment or are taking medications that alter liver function. Your age, body weight, and general health also determine when the drink will leave your body.


Explore Our Menu at the Kava Social Club

Here are our most popular selection of drinks:

  1. Sweet Cream Cold Brew (16oz) - Our rich and creamy cold brew coffee is perfectly balanced with a touch of sweet cream for a smooth and refreshing experience. Add your favorite flavor for an additional charge to customize your drink. Price: $8.00
  2. Tropic Wave K-Tea (Double) - Our signature blend of White & Green strain brewed K-Tea combines the soothing properties of kava with our proprietary blends of Holy Basil, Damiana, and Loose Leaf Yerba Mate. This unique concoction offers a delightful tropical taste that many fans claim is perfect for pain relief and contentment. Price: $15.00
  3. Nitrogen Cold Brew (16oz) - Our Nitrogen Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen gas, resulting in a velvety and creamy texture with a subtle sweetness. Choose from a variety of flavors for an additional charge to enhance your nitrogen cold brew experience. Price: $9.00

Visit the Best Kava Bar in Florida Today!

In conclusion, if you're searching for the best kava bar in Florida, the Kava Social Club is your ultimate destination. Located in Bradenton, our kava tea shop offers an extensive menu of kava drinks, kratom beverages, and specialty coffee options. Experience the many health benefits of kava tea, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and indulge in our unique, flavorful concoctions. Contact us today.