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Welcome to Our Kava Tea Shop / Lounge / Kratom / Bar in Bradenton, Florida

If you're not accustomed to kava, you might be curious about its hype. Kava bars are springing up everywhere, and for a good cause, this ancient beverage has many incredible benefits.

Established in May 2020, Kava Social Club is a Kava tea Shop/Lounge/Kratom Bar in Bradenton, Florida, that offers the freshest, most delicious, and smoothest kava drinks. We produce a beverage that’s jam-packed with flavor and minerals, and it is a healthy alternative to alcohol. Every time you make a healthy choice, you boost your body to live longer.

Our Kava tea is made of Piper Methysticum, a plant native to the West Pacific Islands. It provides many mental and physical benefits to humans, such as alleviating anxiety and depression and improving sleep quality while reducing pain sensations. In addition to that, it provides support to the immune system.

Kava is said to help relieve stress and relax one’s muscles. For these and many other reasons, you should seriously consider our Kava tea lounge in Brandenton.

Natural Ethnobotanical Teas Florida

Our Mission

Kava Social Club represents organic ethnobotanical teas committed to educating and leading. We are a 24-hour kava bar whose primary responsibility is to provide our community with goods and services of the highest caliber.

We support a welcoming and tranquil kava lounge culture. The goal is for you and your friends to feel at home in our establishment. Our downtown Bradenton’s premiere Kava Bar is a secure, friendly environment reminiscent of a traditional ‘bar,’ with a strong emphasis on non-alcoholic options.

How it All Started?

Our Kava journey started in 2018 when we were first introduced to this healing, therapeutic and incredible plant and fell in love with the tea and the community. 

We began brewing kratom at home and cultivating our tastes and preferences as we grew to understand the traditions and techniques of the native drinkers. After various trials and errors, along with the growing support of our newfound passion, we decided to attempt opening our own Kava restaurant for delivery & takeout in 2019.

The first one was opened in a state-of-the-art tiki hut trailer equipped with TVs and coolers. We served drinks at local festivals and in the parking lot of our new location before opening, and since then, we have continued to thrive. 

After months of renovation, we officially opened our Kava Social Club/Kava tea lounge in Brandenton. We provide kava and kratom brewed traditionally for several events, games, and monthly night markets, all hosted within our 3,000-square-foot facility. 

Join us, and your first shell of kava is on us! Bula!

What to Expect from Our Kava Drink?

With our Kava drink, you receive healthy nutrients for your body. When trying to reduce or eliminate alcohol from your life, this is the best way to do it. 

The Effect

Although kava is known to have similar intoxicating properties as alcohol, each individual will experience kava's effects differently. The amount of kava you consume affects the strength of the product in your body. 

Generally speaking, you need to consume more than you typically would with alcohol at our kava cafe in Bradenton to experience the effects. This is because kava takes longer to enter the bloodstream than alcohol.

Leaving Your System

Kava stays in your bloodstream for three to four hours. However, it can also persist in your bloodstream for up to twenty-four hours if you have a liver impairment or are taking medications that alter liver function. Furthermore, your age, body weight, and general health determine when the drink will leave your body.

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