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Best Methods to Prepare Kava - The Kava Social Club

Kava drink is made for people who want to eliminate alcohol from their lives. Of course, you still want to have a great time with friends & family, which is where we come in. 

Kava Social Club offers the opportunity to enjoy a vibrant gathering at a kava tea lounge with delicious and alcohol-free drinks. You can come over, have a great drink, network, and connect with like-minded people.

While preparing kava, one must be aware of the three primary techniques to create a kava beverage.

  1. Micronized kava comes in a fine powder; simply mix it with water like instant (soluble) coffee.
  2. Traditional kava can be made by straining ground roots, similar to brewing loose-leaf tea, but with additional straining effort.
  3. Kava, a traditional beverage made by shredding the whole root, can be quickly prepared with a blender. Simply blend the desired quantity of kava with cold water (1:10 ratio) for 3 to 4 minutes to create a smooth drink.

Ultimately, the method of preparing kava that suits you best will be determined by your available time and adherence to tradition.


Preparing Kava with Right Dosage: How much Kava Powder to Take?

Are you searching for how to prepare kava with the right dosage? The suggested kavalactone intake is 100 to 250 mg, proven to be sufficient by research. But this falls short compared to the typical consumption of Pacific Islanders. On the other hand, instant or micronized kava at 10-15g and whole/shredded kava root at 35g seem to produce favorable results. Yet, the impact varies based on the pace of consumption and social drinking circumstances.

Kava's residual presence in the body means that, even if its effects weaken, repeated consumption throughout the day requires smaller subsequent doses not exceeding half the size of the initial one.


Kava Preparation: How to Prepare Kava Tea?

Making traditional kava tea requires a simple process that results in a better drinking experience. Gather 35g to 40 grams of the raw kava powder. Using a strainer bag is crucial, and we suggest purchasing a food-grade option such as a nut milk straining bag. 

Put the powder into the bag and place it in an empty bowl. Then, pour warm water onto the bag, ensuring the powder stays inside. Let it sit for some minutes, and gently twist the filter to release excess air. With these steps, you'll have delicious kava tea in no time!

Start by kneading the kava root in a bowl to make kava tea. Twist the bag occasionally to release the water, which will turn brown after a few minutes. Continue kneading for a bit, then squeeze out the water from the bag. Your kava tea is now ready to serve. 

Alternatively, for a simpler method, blend kava with the cold water, then strain it into a bowl using a strainer bag by squeezing the mixture.


How to Make Kava Stronger with a 24 Hour Kava Bar?

To enhance the effects of kava, there are several approaches you can try. The first and most effective method is to drink one or two cups of kava on an empty stomach. This will allow the kava to take effect faster. However, it is important to remember that doing so may also reduce its duration. Once you start feeling the effects, it is recommended to have a light meal to balance out the tradeoff between speed and longevity.

Another factor to consider regarding kava's potency is its solubility. Unlike most substances that dissolve in water, Kavalactones are soluble in fats. This means you can increase the number of kavalactones that enter your system by mixing a teaspoon of fat, such as butter or coconut oil, into your kava before drinking it. As a general rule, kava takes around 20 minutes to take effect after consumption.

To maximize the benefits of kava, it's recommended to utilize kava root instead of micronized kava, which can be re-steeped multiple times like a tea bag or pour-over coffee. The duration of kava's effects usually lasts for two to four hours.



Preparing kava can be a simple and enjoyable process. Whether you are looking to prepare a traditional kava tea or try a new twist with kava coffee, there are many options available. If you are unsure of where to start, visiting a 24 hour kava bar or  24/7 kava bar coffee shop can provide helpful guidance and a variety of kava products to try. 

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