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Ultimate User Guide for Kratom Bars - What is a Kratom Bar?

When picturing a night out, kratom bars probably never come to mind. But these are perfect night-out locations as they offer healthier alcohol alternatives with no calories. The effects of consuming Kratom are similar to consuming stimulants and opiate drugs. In addition, they increase sociability, mood, and alertness. 

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What is Kratom?

Kratom is an indigenous plant from Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and other South Asian nations. The coffee family includes the tropical evergreen tree kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

Moreover, the leaves or extracts are utilized as sedatives and stimulants. The health benefits of kratom include treating digestive problems, chronic pain, and opium dependence withdrawal. 


What is a Kratom Cafe/Bar?

Kratom cafes/bars cross between regular bars, cafés, smoothie shops, and kratom. They are gathering places for the kratom community to enjoy drinks flavored with kratom. 

The rise of kratom bars is relatively recent. But, kratom smoothies and teas have been a popular method for the community to enjoy strong ethnobotanical drinks for a while now.


What is the Appeal of Kratom Bars and Kratom?

The appeal and reasons behind the successful integration of Kratom cafes and bars into our society are derived mainly from its benefits to human beings. Here’s a look at what Kratom bars offer:

The Bar Experience

Nobody likes to have a hangover. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Enjoying a night out while consuming a drink that will still get you feeling good without the necessary ‘high’ is highly welcome. Hence, the reason for the popularity of Kratom bars.

Lounging around while enjoying an excellent kratom smoothie or tea with friends is a nice way to unwind and take in the evening.

High-Quality Kratom Drinks

Whether you like kratom tea or desire something a little more adventurous, like kratom with coffee, you are in for a treat. Kratom drinks are perfectly blended and created by experts. Kratom cafes are certainly in the business of doing it right; this is a whole new product, so it has to be perfect.

Meet and Chat with Interesting People 

With Kratom, you meet people of similar interests and great tastes like yourself. Kratom bars offer an opportunity to bond, meet new people and make new friends.


Kratom Tea, Where to Buy?

Kava Social Club is the place for you. We discovered the power of this healing, therapeutic and incredible plant and fell in love with the tea and the community. 

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